“ Miranda told me
very specific
things that only
the dog and I
she had gotten
from my canine
companion.  She
was not vague,
there was no woo-
woo (her term),
she could not
have been
guessing.  I am a
skeptic, but
convinced of
Miranda’s gift and
am forever
grateful for what
she did for my
companion and
me during this
most difficult
Pamela Lane  
Producer, NBC,
Family, Lifetime,
Animal Planet, etc.
Miranda Alcott, MA, CHH, is an Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI), and creator
of HarmoniousListening.   She is a pioneer, founder and innovative
groundbreaker in these new fields and techniques.  As such, she is also a
highly sought after consultant for veterinarians nationally and
internationally: providing information throughout the initial consultation;
monitoring on-going treatments; and giving feedback during actual
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(310) -310-0138
Additionally, Miranda is an Animal Communication Counselor.  She has the
unique ability to actually LISTEN and SPEAK in the many different
languages of animals.  We all get information from our animals, but Miranda
has a broader 'bandwith' than most of us.  She uses her telepathic and
intuitive skills, connecting you with your animal to assist you in becoming
more aware of your animal’s perspective.  By becoming a communication
“bridge” between you and your animal, she supports you in finding a natural,
peaceful resolution to conflicts within your human/animal family.  
Depending on the issues that arise during each session, Miranda incorporates
a variety of healing modalities including her expertise in crisis counseling.
What To Expect